5 Steps For Becoming Your Own Career Coach – Choose Your Own Destiny!

At the end of the day what this race is for? Being on top of your game, achieving good grades, submitting projects on time, delivering your work before the deadline, making effort to please your boss, or sabotaging your mental health. All this for your career and in the end, your result in paying hundreds of bucks on career coaches who give their two cents in the air without knowing your true self.

Be your own guru, contemplate things that are in your mind. Gather courage, dust off that dirt on your shoulder, take your own responsibility, and pave your own path. After all, it’s only you who can change your destiny and mold things which is beneficial for you. Here we will teach you five amazing steps to become your own career coach. So indulge in the ocean of being your own life pundit.  

Talk to yourself

Talking to yourself facing the mirror, or talking to yourself while you shower is a great budget-friendly therapy that can be attained by you only. Give scenarios in your mind, be your own boss, or conduct your own interview in your head. Nothing can be done without self-realization. No one can be superior to you, you can be your own chief and analyze situations and questions in an audible voice. The goal is to boost your morale and pump up your confidence. The biggest competitor is the one who you see in the mirror right now, it is like a DYI career counseling.

Maintain your personal diary

Documenting day-to-day important antics and lodging them in your diary is a very old and effective method to improvise your vision ahead. It is the key element that intrigues the seeds to what seek next. By keeping a record you can track your highs and lows moments or the moments which triggered you the most. It is also considered an important virtue because writing is therapeutic for some reason, and through this, you can wash your mind and keep that goal only which is favorable for you.

Target your goal

No one knows better than you, what your aim is, what your desires to change, and what things you want to be encrypted in your destiny. Your goal should be set like a bull’s eye, as it’s solely in your hands what should be done next to become one step nearer to your goal. Several tactics can help you achieve fulfillment in the long run ahead. For example, using post-its and writing notes or even quotations that motivate you thoroughly, or simply sticking a poster of your favorite personality in your room can integrally encourage you, and inspires you to reach the height of success. And, this stardom all begins with maintaining and making a proper resume and CustomCV UK specializes in that stream.

Mental health

As it’s an old saying you are what, what you eat. So simply you have to feed your brain with positivity and calmness. If you are mentally healthy enough you can have all the happiness and tranquility of this world. Overthinking and overanalyzing the situations which are not in your hands will make it worse at the end of the day. So work on the things which can ease up your burden and help you in the long run.

And one should not be ashamed of his mental health as, taking help, opening up to your loved ones, and seeking professional guidance will make things better for you. Because a healthy mind can lead a healthy lifestyle.

Accept the criticism

 Be your own critique, examine your own self, work upon the things which made you look like a failure. Signups to those healthy friends who give you positive criticism, who helps you to construct yourself. Getting feedback is not bad at all, but don’t let that one thing take a toll on you. Support those who need you and help to grow a community of benefactors around you. As said God help those who help themselves first. Start within yourself, boost your morale, know your self-worth first, and don’t take yourself for granted. 


Being your own career coach is not a cakewalk, some pointers should be implemented in your life, in order to attain that goal. But it is also true no one knows yourself better than you, so you must work upon that, and accomplish your aimed target which you wanted to be in your career growth. If we look into the situation to boost own self the hierarchy of perimeter is long but not impossible for sure.

So fasten your seat belt, because this career coaching will not be that much easy at all. But, with our help, you will surely get benefits and inherit those qualities within yourself.

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